"If playing the piano

doesn't feel delicious and euphoric,

you're doing something wrong."

- Dorothy Taubman 1918-2013


The ability to create music is akin to the ability to create sentences spontaneously.

Thirty years of teaching and playing has shown me that my role is to nurture ones ability to create music rather than just perform it. You see, learning piano is not just all about playing

It is about taking students on a journey. Treating each one as an individual, and recognising their unique learning processes. Musically, I encompass different styles and explore the history of music while embracing all of the arts.

My role is to educate, to lead and nurture creative gifts. It's never too late to start and it's never too late to get back playing again... and most importantly ENJOYING it!

- S U E  W O O D W A R D

- S U E  W O O D W A R D