My eight years of piano tuition from Sue gave me an incredibly solid foundation of music. Her holistic approach to teaching involves an equally important focus on development of both technique and musicianship. By bringing historical and musical context into every lesson, Sue helped to consistently extend my own understanding of a huge variety of music, all while nurturing my simple love of music into a life-long passion and the makings of a professional career.



I was lucky enough to have Sue as my piano teacher for the better part of 7 years, and my younger sister also took lessons with her. Sue is incredibly musical and her knowledge and understanding of music is surpassed only by her passion for it. She is not only passionate about music but also about her students.  She organises workshops and concerts throughout the year to give students a comfortable setting to play and perform in, and organises duets and trios among students which are lots of fun! Sue can always see and nurture musical potential and knows how to get the best out of her students whether they are primary age, adults or in between. While Sue is always encouraging and never unreasonable in her expectations, she will work with her students to get pieces up to polished performance standards.  Sue gave me a holistic education of music covering technical ability to history of musical periods and composers; she teaches music as a language that can be read and written, but also as a personal art. Where I believe Sue is really special is the extra effort she puts in to developing each student’s individual musical style. She taught me to look for a story behind the notes and then how to use the piano to really performa piece. I could not recommend Sue any more highly, I love having the musical ability and appreciation of piano that I learnt from Sue and I value her as a great friend.



Sue's teaching has a large focus on technique, which sets her students up to succeed with demanding musical works. She has great attention to detail and demonstrates what she is teaching rather than just telling her students how to improve. She teaches in musical context by making sure her students understand what they are playing and the history of music. Sue's teaching had enabled me and many other students to achieve a high level of musical ability and gain great results in piano exams.



Danielle started piano lessons with Sue at the age of six and has, now aged 12 and working towards her Grade 5 exams, developed into a beautiful pianist with a love of music in general. Sue has a wonderful balance of work, discipline, fun and, dare I say it, adventure, when it comes to piano teaching. As parents we are treated to periodic recitals by Sue's students and it is wonderful to see and hear these students progress.

Danielle is now 14, writing her own songs, and working towards Advanced Performers Certificate.



It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. I have known Sue for 15 years, and in that time she has taught all three or or children the piano.

She shows great patience and has wonderful empathy with her students. Her love of music ad teaching is quite evident.

Sue sees each student as an individual and draws upon their strengths to teach them in ways that work best for them to develop their abilities.

Sue is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated piano players out of her students. I highly recommend Sue as a piano teacher and am envious of her future students who can experience her contagious passion and love of music first hand.



My daughter has been having lessons with Sue for a few years now. She is an excellent teacher who has inspired and encouraged her passion for music. She has grown immensely, improving lesson by lesson in technique and skill. I would recommend Sue without hesitation.